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Meet The Team


Jordan Au


Co Founder & Nutritionist

gexp riley-2.jpg


Co Founder & Personal Trainer


About Us


Created in 2020 by personal fitness trainer Riley Hertz and dietitian & wellness coach Jordan Au. Gain EXP Fitness bridges the gap between Gamers, Otaku, and Fanatics & Gym Enthusiasts to create a healthy environment for both parties to prosper together.

We exist to provide the tools necessary for Gamers, Otaku, and Fanatics to begin/improve upon their current lifestyle regimen, and to create an inclusive environment for gym enthusiasts to be immersed into the worlds of gaming, anime and pop-culture. 


We call our members “Gainers''. As Gainers progress through their character inspired programs, they will gain experience points (EXP) in order to earn fitness apparel & accessories by completing side quests. We not only want our Gainers to feel good about their progress, but to also see the progress they’ve made towards improving upon their existing lifestyle. 


Hero Inspired 
Workout Programs

Each 12-week program is built with varying difficulties and goals based upon the physique and actions of the characters. 

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